Open Source Tech Conference 0 / Neil Armstrong: "War Story: Using Mainline Linux for an Android TV BSP" / Онлайн трансляция / 10 августа 2020 - 13 августа 2020

Open Source Tech Conference 0

10 августа 2020 (пн), 16:00 - 13 августа 2020 (чт), 20:00


Neil Armstrong: "War Story: Using Mainline Linux for an Android TV BSP"


War Story: Using Mainline Linux for an Android TV BSP

Android TV is a relatively recent Google Initiative to use the Android Operating System for TV Set-top-boxes, reusing the Phone Operating System architecture.
In the last years, the Android Hardware Abstraction Libraries were adapted/rewritten to use the modern and recent Linux APIs like DRM/KMS, V4L2 for Video Decode, ... allowing Android to boot and work with mainline Linux.
During last year, Neil was involved into an upstream-first open Android TV BSP, aiming to fully support AOSP for TV running on a Low-Cost generally available ARM based System-on-Chip designed for TV application. Neil will overview the requirements and struggles in term of system support, upstreaming & Android tweaking to enable AOSP to boot on such device, including the whole trusted boot chain, to graphical Linux with multimedia features enabled.

Neil Armstrong​​
France. Villeneuve-Loubet 
Embedded Linux Expert

Embedded Linux Engineer since 2008, Neil worked on designing and supporting small in-house designed SoCs for Digital TV Content Protection, Set-Top-Box or Security Co-Processor, and is now Embedded Linux Expert in the Baylibre team. He ports, maintains and upstreams Linux support for ARM/ARM64 based SoCs from basic system support, power management to multimedia drivers. Neil experienced technical presentations during his engineering studies and within local technical events about various Open-Source technologies.

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