Linux Piter 2017 / Lennart Poettering: "Containers without a Container Manager, with systemd" / Saint Petersburg, Russia / 3 November 2017 - 4 November 2017

Linux Piter 2017

3 November 2017 (Fri), 10:00 - 4 November 2017 (Sat), 19:00

Lennart Poettering: "Containers without a Container Manager, with systemd"

Containers without a Container Manager, with systemd
Containers are one of the most heard buzzwords in today's IT. In this talk I'll discuss how to use systemd's service management facilities to add certain functionality of container managers to system services. We'll discuss sandboxing, service bundling, resource management and more. We'll also briefly discuss systemd-nspawn for more comprehensive container needs.

Lennart Poettering
Germany. Berlin
Sr. Software Engineer
Red Hat
Lennart Poettering hacks on systemd and other stuff. He works for Red Hat and lives in Berlin, Germany
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Linux Pyter will be colocated with Piter Py conference. Participants of any conference can attend the talks of both conferences.
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