Linux Piter 2015 / Timofey Turenko: "MaxScale: An Intelligent Data Gateway" / Saint Petersburg, Russia / 21 November 2015

Timofey Turenko: "MaxScale: An Intelligent Data Gateway"


MaxScale: An Intelligent Data Gateway

Presentation describes intelligent data gateway for database servers.

Basic functional principles of Maxscale are described as well as examples of Maxscale setup.

Scalability improvement scenarios for classic Master/Slave replications and for Galera cluster are considered (with and without "read only " and "read/write" queries splitting).

Also example of using Maxscale filters for data security improving, server upgrade support, compatibility between different database servers implementations providing are given. The case of using Maxscale as a binlog router inside Master/Slave configuration and the case of system recovery after Master crash are considered as a separate examples.

Timofey Turenko​
Finland. Vantaa
QA engineer
MariaDB Corporation AB

Quality assurance engineer at MariaDB Corporation AB. Main focus of work is establishing of whole continuous integration, testing and defect management process for MariaDB Maxscale product as well as automatic test cases development.

Previously team lead at Nokia Mobile Solutions, MeeGo Computers, Platform Security testing. Main duties are leading of tests development team, integration of test suites into corporate test automation and continuous integration machinery.

PhD in system analysis, control and information processing from Saint Petersburg Electro-Technical University "ETU", Department of Automation and Control Processes.

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