Open Source Tech Conference 0 / Andrei Laperie: Zephyr OS: towards functionally safe open source RTOS / Онлайн трансляция / 10 августа 2020 - 13 августа 2020

Open Source Tech Conference 0

10 августа 2020 (пн), 16:00 - 13 августа 2020 (чт), 20:00


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Andrei Laperie: Zephyr OS: towards functionally safe open source RTOS


Zephyr OS: towards functionally safe open source RTOS​

Open-source software development and how open-source projects are run is often seen as incompatible with functional safety requirements and established processes and standards. Open-source has however been used and is used on a regular basis in applications with safety requirements however in most cases the open-source software is forked and developed behind closed doors to comply with safety standards and processes and using existing infrastructure and tools not common or not available in public and in open-source.

This talk will introduce the state and plans by Zephyr project to create first-of-a-kind open source RTOS that can be used in functional safety-dependent context.

Andrei Laperie​
Espoo, Finland
Engineering Manager, Zephyr and Linux connectivity

Andrei Laperie, Engineering Manager, Intel Open Source Technology Center For last 10+ years I was in charge of open source teams working in communications domain both in Nokia (communication support for all Maemo products) and Intel (OTC, BlueZ, ConnMan, Zephyr comms stack). Personal interests include coding for fun, making smart home gadgets and RC.

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