Open Source Tech Conference 0 / Dmitry Fomichev: Zoned Block Device ecosystem: no longer exotic / Онлайн трансляция / 10 августа 2020 - 13 августа 2020

Open Source Tech Conference 0

10 августа 2020 (пн), 16:00 - 13 августа 2020 (чт), 20:00


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Dmitry Fomichev: Zoned Block Device ecosystem: no longer exotic


Zoned Block Device ecosystem: no longer exotic

I am planning this to be an overview talk about zoned block devices. Here is an outline - Enterprise HDD market vs. flash storage market SMR magnetic recording Zoned HDDs can help with big data explosion How to deal with zoned restrictions? ZBC/ZAC standards ZBD-specific device commands Linux kernel support for ZBD - I/O scheduler, filesystems, device mapper support, etc. Userspace tools for ZBD - tcmu-runner, libzbc, fio More recent ZBD standards: ZBC-2/ZAC-2, Zone Domains, Mutate ZNS, an emergent zoned NVMe storage proposal Why bother with zoned model for flash? Prior development to ZNS: Open Channel SSD ZNS, tailor made for modern high performance workloads Conclusion, reference URLs Questions

Dmitry Fomichev
Milpitas, USA
R&D Technologist
Western Digital

Dmitry Fomichev is an R&D technologist at Western Digital Research working there since 2017. His current areas of interest include zoned block devices, storage protocol standards, QEMU development, Linux kernel development, storage emulation and benchmarking. Before joining WDC, Dmitry worked at a number of storage companies, including Syncsort, Whiptail, Cisco and Oracle. He has around 20 years of storage and Linux development experience. He is a graduate of MPEI in Moscow. When not hacking, he can be found playing bass, riding a motorbike or having a fine cigar.

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