Linux Piter #3 / Marek Vasut: "Introduction to SoC+FPGA" / Санкт-Петербург, Россия / 3 ноября 2017 - 4 ноября 2017

Marek Vasut: "Introduction to SoC+FPGA"

Introduction to SoC+FPGA
This talk is an introduction to the increasingly popular SoC+FPGA solutions, ranging from the smallest IoT-grade devices to the big SoC+FPGA systems capable of running Linux. Most of the available FPGA SoC+device families are covered in this talk, both from hardware and software perspective, with focus on the upstream software support.
As mainline U-Boot and Linux support for the larger parts is increasingly used in production devices, this talk outlines what to expect and points out possible pitfalls. Finally, loading and using FPGA in both U-Boot and Linux using DT overlays is explained.

Marek Vasut
Czech Republic. Prague
Software engineer
Self employed

I have been contracting for DENX Software Engineering for a couple of years now. My primary responsibility is designing and implementing customer specific functionality. One important aspect of my work is leveraging the benefits of working inside the mainline Linux, U-Boot and OE / Yocto Project, explaining our customers the benefits of pushing the newly produced code back into mainline and effectively doing the contributions. I am therefore heavily involved with both mainline U-Boot and Linux kernel, be it my role as SoCFPGA and USB maintainer for U-Boot, MTD co-maintainer in Linux or others. My speaking experience includes giving talks at ELCE, LinuxCon Japan, EmbeddedWorld and various smaller events across Europe.

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