Linux Piter #2 / Michael Turquette: "Introduction to Power Management" / Санкт-Петербург, Россия / 11 ноября 2016 - 12 ноября 2016

Michael Turquette: "Introduction to Power Management"


Introduction to Power Management

Power management is a challenging topic, whether it means optimizing battery life for a smartphone, trying to cut down costs at the data center, or manage thermal or current limitations in industrial, robotic or military applications. A knowledge of the underlying hardware is required to have an effective power management strategy, and an equal amount of knowledge is required to write software that makes use of this hardware.

This talk will give a whirlwind tour of power management starting from the academic and ending at the practical. Michael will discuss the power- and energy-saving features of modern hardware and how Linux uses these features (or fails to use these features). The audience will leave with a number of good design patterns for writing power-aware software as well as a better idea of how to optimize power for the products and devices they are developing today.

Michael Turquette
USA. Los Angeles
President and CEO

Michael is an embedded Linux expert who has previously worked at Texas Instruments, Linaro and an infamous, failed Silicon Valley start-up. Most of his career has focused on low level topics such as waking up new silicon, power management for complex system-on-chip processors and creating delightful consumer electronics such as flagship smartphones. Michael also authored and co-maintains the Common Clock Framework in the Linux kernel. He speaks regularly at conferences.

Michael joined BayLibre in 2015. He is focused on growing their US business & operations and bringing delightful products to life.

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