Linux Piter #4 / Andrei Emeltchenko: "Writing Your Own Gadget with Zephyr OS" / Санкт-Петербург, Россия, Онлайн трансляция / 2 ноября 2018 - 3 ноября 2018

Linux Piter #4

2 ноября 2018 (пт), 09:00 - 3 ноября 2018 (сб), 19:00


Andrei Emeltchenko: "Writing Your Own Gadget with Zephyr OS"


Writing Your Own Gadget with Zephyr OS

The world of modern IOT devices is full of things you cannot connect to your PC directly. In this talk the author describes possible ways of connecting IOT devices using embedded boards running Zephyr OS, connected to host PC via USB. In particular, the following sample cases are explained: - Export custom radios from Zephyr to Linux host (IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth) so that Zephyr board behaves as a radio adapter for Linux. - Author outlines the possibility of making IP bridge out the Zephyr-based SOC board. The device in this scenario behaves like USB Ethernet controller using ECM or RNDIS protocols. Part of the presentation is dedicated to OS drivers for the Zephyr-based boards. Author describes custom Linux driver for IEEE802.15.4 over USB; using standard OS drivers for well-defined USB classes like Bluetooth and using OS Descriptors for Windows OS to locate correct drivers (RNDIS). In the end the brief explanation of some new USB features (webusb) and possibility of using them for easy board access with a browser. The target audience for the talk are embedded/Linux engineers who are willing to transform their Zephyr boards into devices that can be meaningfully connected to their PCs.

Andrei Emeltchenko
Finland. Helsinki
Linux Engineer

IT professional with 17+ years of experience in Open Source, Telecommunication and Embedded software development. Currently Linux Software Engineer at Intel Open Source Technology Center. Started from Motorola Research lab at the University and continuing in Nokia Research Center, Nokia Siemens Networks and Intel gained knowledge and experience in Open Source Telecommunications.

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