Linux Piter #4 / Marian Marinov: "Preventing CPU side-channel attacks with kernel tracking" / Санкт-Петербург, Россия, Онлайн трансляция / 2 ноября 2018 - 3 ноября 2018

Linux Piter #4

2 ноября 2018 (пт), 09:00 - 3 ноября 2018 (сб), 19:00


Marian Marinov: "Preventing CPU side-channel attacks with kernel tracking"


Preventing CPU side-channel attacks with kernel tracking

Updating microcode and loosing performance, because of that update is a big concern for everyone. So Marian will show his team's work on how they decided to fight the attacks and what their solution gives and what it lacks. The team's point is that there is no valid case for a child program or thread to keep dying and this is what is primary technique for executing cache side-channel attacks. So monitoring dying processes allows for marking processes that try to attack us. Marian will provide examples and demo of their prevention mechanism. He will also share the team's work on how they have used TSX instruction statistics to check for TSX based cache side-channel attacks. As a side effect, this protection mechanism can help mitigate(somewhat) all attacks that use this kind of attack vector.

Marian Marinov
Bulgaria. Sofia
Chief System Architect

Marian is a system administrator by heart. He is working with Linux for almost 20 years. Currently he is Chief System Architect of He is a big fan of FOSS and regularly speaks at different FOSS conferences around the world.
Marian also helps with the organization of OpenFest - Bulgaria's biggest FOSS conferences. In his spare time he teaches Linux system administration and Network security courses in Sofia University and SoftUni.

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