Open Source Tech Conference 0 / Adam Zabrocki: "LKRG in a nutshell" / Online / 10 August 2020 - 13 August 2020

Open Source Tech Conference 0

10 August 2020 (Mon), 16:00 - 13 August 2020 (Thu), 20:00


Adam Zabrocki: "LKRG in a nutshell"


LKRG in a nutshell

Linux Kernel Runtime Guard (LKRG) is a loadable kernel module that performs runtime integrity checking of the Linux kernel and detection of security vulnerability exploits against the kernel. It can be built for and loaded on top of a wide range of mainline and distros' kernels, without needing to patch those. LKRG currently supports the x86-64, 32-bit x86, AArch64 (ARM64), and 32-bit ARM CPU architectures. During this presentation, I will try to explain what exactly LKRG is.

Adam Zabrocki​​
USA. Kings Park, NY
Principle System Software Engineer (Offensive Security)

Adam Zabrocki is a computer security researcher, pentester, and bughunter. In his research he mainly focuses on low-level security (CPU architecture, uCode, FW, hypervisor, kernel, OS). He is also a creator and a developer of Linux Kernel Runtime Guard (LKRG).

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