Open Source Tech Conference 0 / Marian Marinov: "Securing the MySQL Server" / Online / 10 August 2020 - 13 August 2020

Open Source Tech Conference 0

10 August 2020 (Mon), 16:00 - 13 August 2020 (Thu), 20:00


Marian Marinov: "Securing the MySQL Server"


Securing the MySQL Server

In this talk, you will learn, how and why to chroot your mysql instances, what are the most common misconfigurations or lack of configurations, that may pose security risks.
Marian will also share with you some basic tricks for keeping your data secure in the db.

Marian Marinov​​​ 
Bulgaria. Sofia
Chief System Architect

Marian is a system administrator by heart. He is working with Linux since 1996. Currently, he is Head of DevOps at He is a big fan of FOSS and regularly speaks at different FOSS conferences around the world.
Marian also helps with the organization of OpenFest - Bulgaria's biggest FOSS conferences.
In his spare time, he teaches Linux system administration and Network security courses at Sofia University and SoftUni.

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