Linux Piter 2016 / Sergey Platonov: "NVMe over Fabriс in a Nutshellc" / Saint Petersburg, Russia / 11 November 2016 - 12 November 2016

Linux Piter 2016

11 November 2016 (Fri), 13:00 - 12 November 2016 (Sat), 18:00

Sergey Platonov: "NVMe over Fabriс in a Nutshellc"


NVMe over Fabric in a Nutshell

NVMe –based devices are gaining increased popularity in datacenters. However, once Shared Storage becomes an indispensable part of a data storage solution we are facing various technical issues. One of them is the bottleneck of obsolete SAN protocols.

The 4.8 kernel has included support of NVMe over RDMA. In this presentation, I’ll elaborate on the essence of this technology and describe options of SAN configuration based on the new approach.

I’ll unveil the results of testing NVMe over RDMA performance with other protocols using remote direct access to memory (iSER, SRP, SMB Direct) in a cluster with overall bandwidth above 4 TB/s. 

Last but not least, I’ll share a few insights into optimal methodology of testing data storage systems based on Flash (SNIA SSS PTS), and the impact of NUMA on performance.

Sergey Platonov
Russia. Saint Petersburg
Chief Strategist

Sergey is in charge of product vision and the company goals. He was a shortlisted nominee for Expert of the Year Award by the “Expert Severo-Zapad” IT magazine. Invited as an industry expert to the SORT ’13 international conference organized by T-Systems. Sergey is a certified IBM and SNIA specialist. Regular speaker at industry events including MSKF, SC’14, HPEC’14.

Data storage expert with deep understanding of operational features, differentiators and benefits of prominent solutions in the field. Robust experience in scientific and technical research as well as implementing new erasure coding algorithms. Under Sergey’s leadership RAIDIX Research Lab registered several patents and prepared a series of scientific publications.

More quick facts about Sergey:

►  Holds a degree from MIT Sloan management school

►  Author to tens of publications in industry journals

►  Agile software development specialist

►  IEEE and ACM member

►  Organizer of the unique data storage ‘geek’ conference in Eastern Europe – ProStore.

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