Linux Piter 2016 / Alexey Zhebel, Nickolay Ihalainen: "Tuning Linux for Your Database" / Saint Petersburg, Russia / 11 November 2016 - 12 November 2016

Linux Piter 2016

11 November 2016 (Fri), 13:00 - 12 November 2016 (Sat), 18:00

Alexey Zhebel, Nickolay Ihalainen: "Tuning Linux for Your Database"


Tuning Linux for Your Database 

Many operations folks know the many Linux file systems like EXT4 or XFS, they know of the schedulers available, they see the OOM killer coming and more. However, appropriate configuration is necessary when you’re running your databases at scale.

Learn best practices for Linux performance tuning for MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra and HBase. Topics that will be covered include: filesystems, swap and memory management, I/O scheduler settings, using the tools available (like iostat/vmstat/etc), practical kernel configuration, profiling your database, and using RAID and LVM.

There is a focus on bare metal as well as configuring your cloud instances in Amazon EC2.

Alexey Zhebel
Russia. Saint Petersburg
Technical Writer

Alexey Zhebel works for Percona as a Technical Writer responsible for open source software documentation.  Alexey has a degree in Electrical Engineering and a supplementary qualification in translation theory (Russian-English). Prior to Percona, Alexey worked for Oracle on Java SE and Java ME documentation.

Nickolay Ihalainen
Russia. Saint Petersburg
Senior Technical Services Engineer

Since 2011 Nickolay Ihalainen handled emergency and data recovery cases, switched to Support Department and for last several years helping Percona's customers with complex performance issues and mysql crashes. Before joining Percona, worked in a variety of fields: web and mysql servers scalability for biggest Russian cinema site,  ISP and IPTV billing systems development in C++, performance and stability fixes for oldest Russian's e-commerce sites.

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