Linux Piter #4 / Linux Piter in Social Media / Saint Petersburg, Russia, Online / 2 November 2018 - 3 November 2018

Linux Piter #4

2 November 2018 (Fri), 09:00 - 3 November 2018 (Sat), 19:00

Linux Piter in Social Media

Linux Piter is about communication. It is good when it’s a logical and laconic monologue. It is perfect when it’s a dialogue.

We’re trying to be perfect.

We use a wide range of modern communication services to get this point and it is always possible to get to know us better in the way you like more.

So what we’ve got:

  • The first of all, we respect traditions and things checked by the time. And for oldscool users we have email. If you gently remember FidoNet and Web 1.0 we can’t wait for your emails to
  • The second, there is no one conference without Facebook account. We decided it would be OK to posts in English only, Facebook for a long time position itself as a international communication site for different developers. There is a bunch of cool stuff: articles, speaker announcements, programme changes, news about preparation process, our ups and downs, impressions. You can rejoice, be sad and live with us here:
  • If Facebook is here Instagram is near to! It is international communication site, too, so a big part of posts is in English. Sometimes (less often) in Russian. The posts are shorter, it is all about visual, text is about context. Welcome to feel like we feel Look a bit:
  • We are old-fashioned but still believe in Twitter. witter is more than popular with the Western IT-Community, and we have to be involved in a flow of fresh thoughts, ideas, announcements and dialogues. And we going to create this type of content, too! We are planning to create Twitter for two languages - Russian and English but it will be in Enlish only a bit later. We retweet something topical and interesting about Linux of course. To be sure:
  • We’ve got an official “VK” page. To be honest: there is the same content that in Facebook but in Russian! It is clear that the community is less wide and more local but it’s still a pretty popular resource so it would be silly to forget about it. To get contact with us:
  • The most progressive, fearless and brave guys there are Telegram (officialy blocked in Russia, of course) channel and chat. The chat is for true cyber warriors (with holywars and community -, the channel is for introverts (and, come on, we’ve got no time to explain, read only mode -
  • We’ve got a bad news: we don’t have a TV channel. But we’ve got a great one - who cares if we’ve got a YouTube channel. It is a repository of all of our vids from conferences and #DevTalkRu series - interviews with speakers and participants of conference - talking about Linux but not only. Look at this


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