Linux Piter #4 / Alberto Mardegan: "Ubports: Ubuntu for Phones raises from the ashes" / Saint Petersburg, Russia, Online / 2 November 2018 - 3 November 2018

Linux Piter #4

2 November 2018 (Fri), 09:00 - 3 November 2018 (Sat), 19:00

Alberto Mardegan: "Ubports: Ubuntu for Phones raises from the ashes"


Ubports: Ubuntu for Phones raises from the ashes

The Ubuntu for Phones project, which was driven by Canonical until April 2017, has found a new life thanks to the community. Now named Ubports, the effort continues to progress in all fronts: development of the OS, infrastructure, porting to new hardware devices, establishing a foundation. This talk will present an architectural overview of how Ubports works on phones and tablets, will illustrate the major progresses achieved since the community took over the project and will shed some light on what expects us in the near future.

Alberto Mardegan
Russia. Saint Petersburg
Lead software developer

Alberto is a software engineer with a vast experience in development on Linux mobile devices. Formerly part of the Nokia Maemo team and Canonical Ubuntu phone efforts, he currently works in the automotive domain at Luxoft. His spare time is subdivided among innumerable hobbies and projects, among which a few programming ones concerning Qt, photography and the Ubports project.

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